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API monitoring now in beta

Our eagerly awaited API monitoring advanced feature has now gone into beta. You can now track the performance and uptime of your API's and the critical web services you consume.

The use of API's is rapidly growing and web applications/websites are becoming increasingly reliant on web services. With our new feature you'll be immediately notified via SMS and email as soon as there's an API performance issue.

We've made our API configuration interface extremely easy to setup and use. You can access our API Monitoring functions via our new API Monitoring tab on monitor create/edit screens.

Our API Monitoring supports both GET and POST requests along with a comprehensive set of parameters. We've already added some popular request headers, let us know if we've missed any out that you need.

Optional query parameters can be added via our simple interface, along with the data for POST requests.

Once complete, you can set the expected HTTP return code, content check and timeout thresholds. Use our helpful interactive Monitor Test function to set-up, troubleshoot your monitor in real-time before saving your configuration, and starting your continuous monitoring and alerting.


You can try out our new API monitoring feature by signing up to our 'Plus' plan trial, it only takes a few minutes. If you have any questions please get in touch on We'd be pleased to hear your feedback on this exciting new major feature.

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