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Aware Monitoring Brings MFuse Users a “Trouble-Free” Experience

MFuse are an award-winning mobile application provider. They run a white-labelled mobile gambling platform that powers the mobile betting applications of UK gambling giants Ladbrokes, SportingBet and Betfred. Mfuse use Aware Monitoring to bring their Users a Trouble-Free Experience.

Aware Monitoring Brings MFuse Users a Trouble-Free Experience

Makes up "Essential" Part of Service Delivery Infrastructure

Winners of the EGR Mobile Supplier of the Year for 2011, MFuse rely on Aware Monitoring for their external end-user monitoring, assuring management and customers that SLAs are being met.  The service is part of a complete monitoring strategy that includes both functional and load testing as well as continuous internal and external monitoring.  

“What we’re after,” stated Sam Downs, MFuse’s Service Delivery Director, “is a trouble-free customer experience. Our customers’ user base is making time-critical, transaction-based mobile bets, and they expect to see a speedy response. Aware Monitoring gives us insight into their real experiences and helps us make sure our systems are up 24/7.”

Mfuse began as a user of Aware Monitoring’s protocol monitoring with another provider for journey monitoring, but after a year, upgraded to a higher level of functionality, replacing the former provider. The company chose Aware Monitoring services over higher-end competitors for a number of reasons. After finding competitor products “too cumbersome,” Aware’s application is far more streamlined. “The service does a thorough job without being overly complex,” said Sam; “It does what it’s supposed to do and does not distract from important information.”  

Reporting elements such as SMS alerts and application screenshots captured on error are very useful for MFuse in maintaining a high standard of customer experience. Sam continued, “With Aware, we are able to monitor much more than just the main site. With drill-down and journey monitoring features, we are able to show that the site is working right through to bet placement.”

When compared to its competitors, MFuse found Aware to be far more receptive to their needs as well as more capable of reacting to company requirements. “We are able to trust that our account is being looked after, and can discuss service with a manager whenever it is needed. This level of engagement signifies a dependable quality of service that makes Aware Monitoring a very good fit for our needs,” stated Sam.

At present, the company uses Aware Monitoring "behind the scenes", with more than 6 IT staff trained to use the tools, but plans are in place to use the service to publish application performance to clients. Sam commented that while most monitoring tools are very technical and so unintelligible to non-technical staff, Aware’s application is easy to use and understand; thus, data can be shared for faster fixes, and the application can be used to demonstrate reliability to internal staff and management as well as to customers.

“External monitoring is important for 100% customer satisfaction,” noted Sam. “We are very pleased with the journey monitors and are keen on sharing results with customers. Third-party reporting from Aware Monitoring provides a level playing field on which customer and supplier can access the same site performance information.  As such, it will make up an essential part of service delivery infrastructure now and in the future.”

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