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Rising Dragon Enterprises ‘maximises conversions’

Our next Aware Monitoring case study is on Rising Dragon Enterprises. We discuss with Misae Richwoods how Aware Monitoring has helped them optimise their site’s speed and maximise ecommerce conversion rates.

After suffering a series of ecommerce outages Rising Dragon Enterprises selected Aware Monitoring to accurately pin-point future availability and performance issues. This is now a key service helping them to optimise site's speed, uptime and maximise ecommerce conversion rates.

Misae Richwoods has been successfully running ecommence sites for over 10 years. Today Misae's company, Rising Dragon Enterprises, has eight fashion accessories, beauty, and health sites. These market leading niche sites, including Make Me Beautiful, sell to both UK and International markets. 


Misae explains their need for uptime and performance monitoring, "During the 2009 Christmas build-up we had serious issues with our website host provider. Our site was up and down for a week and we couldn't take orders. It was a very painful time."

Website slowdowns and downtime is not unusual. Misae comments, "Before starting to monitor the performance of our websites we had the occasional minor outages. Customers would tell us, and in most cases we didn't know until it was too late. We knew something had to done". 

Misae continues, "A community forum helped us identify three leading website monitoring services, including Aware Monitoring. We then trialled them all in parallel. Immediately we found Aware Monitoring to be the easiest product to use and have the best customer service. The service  proved to be the most accurate. They were the only one's picking-up on intermittent slowdown and outage issues. These issues are hugely important because customers see the site as bad. We now use the Aware Monitoring reports and data to pin-point any issues with our new host providers"Misae Richwoods 

Performance issues on ecommerce sites can have a significant impact - immediate lose of revenues, lose of repeat customers and long-term brand damage. Slowdowns and downtime also has a long-term negative effect on a sites Google page rank and Ad scoring. 

Misae continues, "If like us, your income depends on your sites then you must de-risk potential problems. We need instant and actionable insights for our sites. We spend alot of time on the finicky details to maximise visitor conversations. Aware Monitoring is my second pair of eyes, checking when I'm unable too".

"Because measuring page load-time is hugely important to us we're now looking at the new Aware Monitoring page component load-time service. This will help us to do more A/B site testing to see the effect of different site speeds'. Misae

You can see one of Rising Dragon Enterprises sites we monitor at Make me beautiful

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